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Things to Consider

Fundy Coast Glass Design

What can you expect when commissioning a stained glass window or art glass?


1- You and I will discuss your needs and vision to develop a design direction.

2- I will design a small version of a couple of different options and give you a rough estimate of cost.

3- Together we will figure out from there which design will work and if there are changes to be made.

4- When you are satisfied, you will give me the go ahead, along with a non-refundable down payment (generally 20-25 %).

5- I will proceed to build the piece and be available for any questions.

6- I will let you know when the work is done.

7- The work will be picked up or delivered depending upon what we have arranged.

8- You will be very happy and pay me the balance of the cost!


Something to consider is what you want the stained glass to do:

provide privacy, divide a room, add colour, be a focal point?


As in many other things, the cost of a stained glass project is proportional to its complexity.
Other things that affect price are: window size, size and shape of pieces, techniques used, glass type and manufacturer. I will be happy to give you an estimate and my “ball park” sheet for pricing.

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